Albuquerque, New Mexico, is home to the largest standing cottonwood forest in the US. Bosque, means forest, and it stands on either side of the Rio Grande.

Cottonwood roots growing up and down

Above me

 In Cottonwood limbs

I hear

Crinkly leafed voices

Pushed out

The Bosque Mouth

By the wind

Beside me



In Rio Grande gestures

I see

Swiftly moving colors

Of Bosque blood

In the water

Below me

In hard crumbled earth



I feel

Pounding thunder

Of Bosque rhythm

In the ground

All around me

In many shaped sizes



I taste

Intense presence

Of Bosque truth

In the fire

Inside me

Across the great mystery



I smell

The fall’s surrender

To Bosque death

In sacred ethers

Thank you, Spirit of greatness for living in the Bosque and me.

MY LIFE WORK, if I can get it:  owning my shadow to prevent the spread of fake news




Releasing my gold gifts


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