Albuquerque, New Mexico has the largest stand of cottonwood trees in the world on either side of the Rio Grande river.  The word, bosque, means forrest.


Above me

 In Cottonwood limbs

I hear

Crinkly leafed voices

Pushed out

The Bosque Mouth

By the wind


Beside me

In Rio Grande gestures

I see

Swiftly moving colors

Of Bosque blood

In the water


Below me

In hard crumbled earth

I feel

Pounding thunder

Of Bosque rhythm

In the ground


All around me

In many shapes, sizes

I taste

Intense presence

Of Bosque truth

In the fire


Inside me

Across the great mystery

I smell

The fall’s surrender

To Bosque death

In sacred ethers


Thank you, Spirit of greatness for living in the Bosque and me.

MY LIFE WORK, if I can get it:  owning my shadow to prevent the spread of fake news




Releasing my gold gifts

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