My photo above, Monterrey Peninsula, 2014

Advaita – non-dualistic spiritual approach

They traveled across borders and camped.  Media, scientists and citizen scientists ran the cameras, computers and telescopes; however, the biggest cadre at the spectacle was ordinary folk.  They all came to see and record an event.  No, this was not Woodstock, Burning Man or A Women’s March: although many who attended those events were at the one in question.  Some of the 2016 DAPL activists were in the crowd.  These followers came to joyfully witness dark subsume light above their heads:  the August 2017 Solar Eclipse


The path of totality traveled the United States from the Washington coast and slanted into the Deep South.  This division reflected a political climate in turmoil.  The eclipse storied the well established cross – cultural myth of someone hiding the Sun.  Shakespeare expertly used the contrast of light and dark to emphasize good and evil in plays.  Later, The Nazis misappropriated a Native American symbol of whirling logs.  Placed against white cloth, the bent tree limbs turned from wood into black lightning.  The Nazi flag forever branded a terror-based regime.


The Television carrier of the Shadow was a man clothed in black, draping his arm across his face and growling,

“What great evil lurks in the heart of men?  The shadow knows.”

This famous idiom is from a 1930s detective radio show/cartoon and the man depicting the shadow was Orson Welles.

The story line illustrated Shadow had the powers of deception and confusion over humanity.


In a solar eclipse, the feminine moon straddles the masculine sun in sacred marriage.  Only the two participants are privy to their tryst that produces Hermaphrodite: sun-moon child or Sophia meaning wisdom.

What observers see from the ground is a darkened moon, blazing around her perimeter.  There is another dark visage blazing from the inside out.  She holds court in graveyards, wears a necklace of skulls, and protects children and childbirth.  A Dark Goddess feared by most and deeply loved by the wise who know her: Kali is her Hindu name.

In Dancing in the Flames: the Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness, Woodman and Dickson describe her as unifying opposites by destroying and creating at once (16).  This stunning act of unity explodes the false division of appearances: the birth of Sophia: the recognition of unity!


I first asked my Dad this question and he wisely said, “Connie, you can use it to box with – watch!”

Midwinter sunlight fell through the window of our back door, onto a corner wall; he moved into the light, crouched down, and started swinging his powerful fists at the darkness. His squinting face, and huffing and puffing, hit my giggle button – he was expert at this.

Breathless, he looked down at me and smiled:

“Now it’s your turn, Daisy!”

He stood behind me and, with hands against my shoulders, gently pushed me into the light.  My shadow was smaller than his was, but I knew that one day it would be BIGGER!

I reasoned that if Dad could do it, I could, too.  I began shadow box practice and school on the same day.  I learned many lessons across my life, but my first lesson was the hardest:  stop projecting it on the wall – and to other people!

These stories contain both instinctual and academic knowledge that I was unable to combine until the Summer Solstice of 2017.

—-Connie C. Cox September 18. 2017

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  2. Connie this is very interesting and really Well written. In glad you shared with me! I hope you’re well, it’s been a long time My very best to you Connie, Kate

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